Friday, April 22, 2011

Lookin more mo' MMO

Finally I'm back... This is my first post after a few days/weeks.. can't remember exactly :D

I got now internets and can write from home... finally!
I took those idiots from teh interwebz company more than a week to plug me in.

Now that I broke up with my gf, work only until 4 p.m. and need to smoke less weed and drink booze, I've decided to find myself a nice MMO RPG...

Guess what I've found?!?!

It's called Atlantica Online and it's a turn based JRPG. The thing is that it's like Final Fantasy and maaaan I love FF!! I've played it from FF I to FF XII, although FFXII is bullshit and for XIII I'll need a PS3. But, never mind, just wanted to say how I'm addicted to FF.

So, this morning AO was finally downloaded and I haven't still tried it. But after 4 pm, this is going to be a loooong day :D :D

If some of you are playing this game too, leave your char nick in the comments so maybe we could do something together in AO :)

If you want to know more about this, here's the link : playatlantica


Friday, April 8, 2011

Russian rap???

No I'm still not connected to the internets. I'm just sitting at my office with no work, so I thought that there's a little time to post something :)

A few years ago I listened to this song. I think it's some Russian idiot or maybe he's really serious because this video is hilarious. The part I liked the most is when he's snorting "cocaine" from an LP. :D

Just watch the video, you'll be pleasently surprised.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Temporarily not available!


Haven't posted a few days, not because i don't have any inspiration. I'm moving, from this rented flat into my own. Yay, i got myself a flat/apartmant, however. :D

Temporarily I've got no internets so I wont post a few days.

But, in excuse.. here's a song from a band (still don't know what song I'm gonna post)


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Legalize it

Why not? Am I right

And I didn't even say what, everyone of you thought about MJ, Cannabis, Mary Jane, Pot, Weed, Marijuana and whatever you call that little plant which provides hours of fun.

This morning (yea, it's 8:30 a.m. in Bosnia) I'll write a little about this plant and post a link to a paragraph about the history of GANJA and how (now it comes) the U.S.A. forbid it.

I'll start with my opinion on weed. I tried it a few times and in the beginning I realized that its something very good. It has a few negative side effects but comparing to the positive they can't catch up.
So after realizing that the positive effects of weed are stronger than the negative, i started to use it more often.
What I want to warn you is that you should really avoid to smoke too much, like 5 joints every day. Smoke it on weekends, don't drink (because alcohol is bad) and relax with your friends or girlfriend :D
Marijuana or better to say THC somehow effects your senses, so you taste, smell, feel and etc everything more intensive. What I would recommend you is to try out sex as long as your under the influence of THC.

Now to the two worse negative sides of M.J. :
- the munchies
- the stupidity

While you're high with your friends and suddenly someone mentions food, there wont pass 20 min. and you're suddenly hungry ALL OF YOU! The munchies gotcha. The eating ain't the problem but the food orgy is. I think sometimes a All you can eat restaurant couldn't satisfy my friends and me.

The stupidity comes along with Mary. One of the legendary quotes is : "If you spell Jesus backwards it sounds like sausage". Yea, I'm talking about that kind of stupidity/dumbness. Don't want to talk much about the negative effects... Because, you should enjoy smoking it... not think about it.

Here's a site, writing facts about Mary and how the banned it.

Here's a pic of weed.. just to make this post a little more interesting (:

Thanks for your time...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Facebook.. meh

Let's write something about the largest social network on our little planet.
I can't find a thing that spread so quickly and became so addictive like facebook in the past few years..
Wait, I maybe can mention a few things like AIDS, Heroin, Pokemon... heh
What I wanted to say is that I don't have much positive about it except to connect with old friends, although a long time has passed and your friendship is not and will not be the same. So you can completely live on without them.
The second good thing are those little apps that enable you to rate chicks... Yeah, it's easier to meet someone, but I still prefer the old school style (go out, drink, meet someone etc.).
What really annoys me is the GODDAMN chat.. Finally, she accepted me!!! HURRAY -> Hey, xy |XY is offline| then online | offline | online| and so on!!!

I wont bother you no longer, just a few things and it's over:

- people are more and more illiterate (yo dawgz. ppl r rdy 4 my blablabla);
- kids don't go out and play, they're on the internet chatting via facebook;
- stupid attention whores showing their bodies in front of the mirror, boiler, trash can, dead mother etc.
- everyone has a facebook account. Oh yes... your parents, grandparents, your unborn child, his child

Meh.. I'm going to deactivate my facebook account now.

Add something positive/negative that i might missed.

Thanks for your time. :*

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bully beatdown pt. II

Yo daawgs :D

This game so called "beating a bully" became really commercial nowadays...

Here's a new video of some big guy getting tortured by a bully. Of course, in the end the predator became the prey. Not so spectacular like the previous video, but hey... it's only 2 min. long :)


Today is not such a great day :/
The weather is killing me because like a large amount of people, I'm a meteoropathic.
So I'm sitting here at my job, waiting for some work or the boss to show up to make my day even worse.
While wasting my time on the internets I'll try to be productive and tell you a story.

A few days ago, I was out with some friends, drinking and stuff. I spent all of my money that night, I didn't even had to buy some cigarettes. So, my buddy gave me 2 cigs to make it through the night.We split at the crossroad (he lives 2 streets away) and I made my way home. At the entrance of the building where I live was a dude all dressed in black. He was just standing there in the dark, really suspicious. I was a little scared because I wasn't in the mood to fight or something (I was wasted).
So as I was approaching, my view sharpened and I could see that this was a tramp/criminal/gipsy type guy. He had a black beenie on his head, a black "leather" jacket, worn off jeans and dirty sneakers that looked like he ran through mud for miles.

As I was approaching, my heartbeat became louder (that's mostly the effect of the weed we used that night) and suddenly goosebumps all over my skin.

The moment arrived, I took my keys out of my pocket tried to walk past him without making contact. Suddenly, i heard a voice. It was him and as I expected he'll ask me for money!

He asked me : "Spare change" or something like that.
I wanted to show him my only possessions, the 2 cigarettes. I put them in the inner pocket of my jacket.
So, I'm unzipping my jacket and moving my arm slowly towards the pocket, grabbing my cigarettes. As I was pulling them out I said to him : "This is what I have..."

It wasn't even possible to finish my sentence, because the idiot ran away?!?!
So, I was standing there, two cigarettes in my hand and thinking why did the idiot ran away?
I looked at my right hand and saw that it was from his perspective like I'm pulling out a gun. :D :D

Hope you like this story, because it's pure fiction. The only true part is that I had two cigarettes. There was no darkman.

Thanks for your time.. Here's a song for you.