Saturday, March 26, 2011


Just wanted to remind you of this invention. It's over 4 years now and nothing happened. Must've been that the "kings of oil" had something to do with it. The prices are raising, it becomes harder to live day by day. So there's hope but hope is far away as long as the big guys can suck money out of oil.

So here's the invention. This dude was searching for a cure for cancer and then he invented teh burning water.
Such irony :D

Lemme here your thoughts :)


  1. Not sure 'burning water' is accurate.

  2. Why does it require the addition of sodium chloride to burn the hydrogen, and does the remaining oxygen bond to the sodium? if not in large quantities this could be quite dangerous. Great post.

  3. Love the video man! Awesome stuff thanks for sharing!

  4. Im looking into this for a university assessment on alternate power. Thanks man