Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Facebook.. meh

Let's write something about the largest social network on our little planet.
I can't find a thing that spread so quickly and became so addictive like facebook in the past few years..
Wait, I maybe can mention a few things like AIDS, Heroin, Pokemon... heh
What I wanted to say is that I don't have much positive about it except to connect with old friends, although a long time has passed and your friendship is not and will not be the same. So you can completely live on without them.
The second good thing are those little apps that enable you to rate chicks... Yeah, it's easier to meet someone, but I still prefer the old school style (go out, drink, meet someone etc.).
What really annoys me is the GODDAMN chat.. Finally, she accepted me!!! HURRAY -> Hey, xy |XY is offline| then online | offline | online| and so on!!!

I wont bother you no longer, just a few things and it's over:

- people are more and more illiterate (yo dawgz. ppl r rdy 4 my blablabla);
- kids don't go out and play, they're on the internet chatting via facebook;
- stupid attention whores showing their bodies in front of the mirror, boiler, trash can, dead mother etc.
- everyone has a facebook account. Oh yes... your parents, grandparents, your unborn child, his child

Meh.. I'm going to deactivate my facebook account now.

Add something positive/negative that i might missed.

Thanks for your time. :*


  1. yeah, i shut down my facebook too. it just isn't that interesting.

  2. 4th person today I've seen say this, maybe its time for it to die?

  3. i like facebook and use it everyday :)

  4. Someone bothered me into creating a facebook page. Dumped it after about 15 minutes. Failbook imo.

  5. well FB is fine if people use it with common sense

  6. My best friend moved across the country, I love being able to contact and see him on there. However I don't enjoy seeing my mom on there. It has its drawbacks but I'll keep it, I just don't sign into chat.

  7. It's there for me to just keep in touch with old friends.

  8. Mh i am not happy about facebook..think I'll gonne delete my profile..

  9. I'm addicted to facebook, I'll admit it.


  10. I have a profile on Facebook, never using it though.

  11. facebook is really addictive. i need a way to get over it
    nice post

  12. I don't use it very often, and I'm certainly not going there every five minutes to check any uninteresting updates, but it's useful to send people messages if you don't have their email adress (some of them don't even use one anymore because they have facebook, so just one to register...) or if you want to save money on SMS/minutes. but I've also often considered quitting, maybe someday I'll do it.

  13. yo dawgz. ppl r rdy 4 my comment. :3

  14. another facebook addict reporting in.
    I wish i was able to quit it though!