Thursday, March 31, 2011

Legalize it

Why not? Am I right

And I didn't even say what, everyone of you thought about MJ, Cannabis, Mary Jane, Pot, Weed, Marijuana and whatever you call that little plant which provides hours of fun.

This morning (yea, it's 8:30 a.m. in Bosnia) I'll write a little about this plant and post a link to a paragraph about the history of GANJA and how (now it comes) the U.S.A. forbid it.

I'll start with my opinion on weed. I tried it a few times and in the beginning I realized that its something very good. It has a few negative side effects but comparing to the positive they can't catch up.
So after realizing that the positive effects of weed are stronger than the negative, i started to use it more often.
What I want to warn you is that you should really avoid to smoke too much, like 5 joints every day. Smoke it on weekends, don't drink (because alcohol is bad) and relax with your friends or girlfriend :D
Marijuana or better to say THC somehow effects your senses, so you taste, smell, feel and etc everything more intensive. What I would recommend you is to try out sex as long as your under the influence of THC.

Now to the two worse negative sides of M.J. :
- the munchies
- the stupidity

While you're high with your friends and suddenly someone mentions food, there wont pass 20 min. and you're suddenly hungry ALL OF YOU! The munchies gotcha. The eating ain't the problem but the food orgy is. I think sometimes a All you can eat restaurant couldn't satisfy my friends and me.

The stupidity comes along with Mary. One of the legendary quotes is : "If you spell Jesus backwards it sounds like sausage". Yea, I'm talking about that kind of stupidity/dumbness. Don't want to talk much about the negative effects... Because, you should enjoy smoking it... not think about it.

Here's a site, writing facts about Mary and how the banned it.

Here's a pic of weed.. just to make this post a little more interesting (:

Thanks for your time...


  1. were you high while writing this? :D
    No really, were you o.o?

  2. woahhh, jesus backwards does sound like sausage! also I'm all for the legalization, the stupidity is more of a positive from my perspective.

  3. dude, i live in holland so i m not concerned but good luck :)

  4. Yeah, I support legalization too.

  5. Why wouldn't you support it, its a no brainer.

  6. i support it for the RIGHT reasons

  7. I don't even smoke marijuana and I still think it should be legalized. Hopefully it will soon. It's the only logical step. Great post!

  8. that thing must keep illegal :P

  9. there are a lot of economic problems with legalizing it, which is probably the real reason it has been kept out for so long.

  10. So much weed. Legalize, don't legalize it, people will be having it either way.